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 DATES: Session 1 : July 12 (3pm to 4:30 pm) AGE: 9- 13 years old Session 2 : July 19 (3pm to 4:30 pm) Session 3 : July 26 (3pm to 4:30 pm) Session 4 : August 2 (3pm to 4:30 pm)  LOCATION: 1515 Plumas Street, Reno, NV 89509 Here is a great opportunity for kids age 9-13 this summer! I am going to give a 4 session (1,5 hour each) workshop in stop-motion animation. The kids will be making a stop-motion animated film from start to finish: forming a crew, building a set + characters, taking the pictures and editing the movie. The workshops will be given at The Reno Collective in mid town, where I am a professional animated filmmaker. This workshop has been given in schools before, and it’s always been a big success. Kids love the magic of animation!

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